The measure of your life is the amount of beauty and happiness of which you are aware.
— Agnes Martin

Yoga is about awareness and connections. 

The Sanskrit word 'yuj' means 'to yoke', or to come into union. Beyond improving the tone and flexibility of our muscles, yoga asana strengthens our essential internal organs and systems. Mindful movement paired with conscious breathing works to boost your cardiovascular health, lymphatic flow, immunity and sensory proprioception (body-awareness).

In short, it creates connection within the channels of the body-mind in a myriad of ways, all of which make you feel more grounded, clear, light and rejuvenated.

Over time, we accumulate a deeper knowledge of our physiology, and how to read our bodies. When we gain understanding, we become more compassionate, towards our own bodies and towards others.

Rather than viewing our bodies as something to be 'conquered' or a mechanical unit to be 'fixed', we learn to honour all 37 trillion cells, all working in unison to become the unique expression of you. 

 Regardless of where we start from, the eight-limbed path of yoga is a journey that can bring us back home, to our truest self. The one who is inspired by dreams and dares to reach for change. The one who still stumbles, yet knows to draw energy from the earth and rise up, ever stronger.

It is not about what we look like, or developing any sense of perfection. It is learning how to feel our way back into our bodies. It's a practice of listening to our inherent wisdom rather than the noise of the world. It's a discovery of gifts and lessons that nourish us along the way.