We offer a smaller class size of up to 17, allowing for a more intimate, home-like practice. This gives opportunity for our teachers to offer more attention and care for your individual practice.

Bookings are strongly advised for all classes to avoid disappointment. The easiest way is via MindBody or the MindBody App, where you can view our live class and workshop schedule. You can also book in-person during your visit.


We are in a handy spot on Queensberry St, easily accessible via public transit, with plentiful parking options and close to cute cafes (check out Elceed, Twenty & Six or Beatrix!), boutique bookshops and other little gems. 

See our Contact page for map of our location and more details on different ways to get here.


This is a space to relax, and find calm amidst your busy daily life, so be considerate in respecting your own energy, and the needs of others. When you walk in the door, please ensure mobile phones are on silent or do not disturb.

*Important* If you are pregnant, or have current/past injuries, please ensure you arrive in time to discuss this with the teacher, so they can offer support on safe and practical variations for your body. 

Note that yoga asana is not recommended for those in the first trimester (12 weeks) of pregnancy. If you are new yoga and pregnant past the first trimester, we advise speaking to your doctor or medical professional about what is appropriate for you, prior to attending a general class.

New to Yoga? See below for more handy notes about your first visit.


Please give ample time for pre-class chill-out. And tea, because we have will have some waiting for you.

The reception space will be open 15 mins before the start of each class, depending on the finish time of the previous class. 

Arriving at least 10 mins before the scheduled class time allows you to settle into the space, get changed, chat with our teachers or get to know the awesome souls in our community. We also have locally crafted organic teas and beautiful creations for you to peruse. Like on the yoga mat, how you transition makes a big difference!

We respect everyone's time. Doors will close on-time for each scheduled class.


Please keep happy noises minimal within the studio space, for those who wish for a few minutes of quiet after class. You've made the time to connect in, to shift energy, so give it time to settle.

We understand if you have places to get to. If not, there's no hurry to go. Enjoy some soothing tea, join a conversation, air out any queries (or revelations) you may have from class, or flip through our books and mags for daily inspiration.


It is yogis' choice if you wish to bring your own yoga mat, towel, water bottle, personal tokens or or a notebook to write or reflect in.

Otherwise, just you! Props, mats, space, quiet - all this will be here, ready. We do ask that you bring a curious mind and an open heart for your practice.



Comfortable clothes that do not distract you or hinder your movement. There's no fashion rules in our studio space! Socks and shoes are not required on the yoga mat.


Bathroom and kitchenette, changing spaces, filtered water, hot tea, books, gifts to take home, and good company. 

Our studio is built and maintained with a deep respect for Mother Earth, and for your wellbeing.


Manduka Pro Mats
Organic cotton bolsters and straps
Eco-cork blocks / soft cotton blocks
Australian Sandalwood incense from Subtle Bodies
Estuary blends | Essential oils Nurture, Enliven, Grow
Eucalyptus and tea-tree based cleaning spray
Earth-conscious local goodies to nourish your body

See more about our commitment to Sustainability.



Yoga teachers and yogis are real people. We're here to help support you, as you are, so if you're feeling less 'able' than yogis who have been practicing for years - don't worry, we all started there too! 

If you'd like to meet some Real Life Yogis, check out our interviews with yogis based in Melbourne and beyond here.


For a more active practice, we advise starting with one of our Fundamental Flow classes. These are structured to help you learn, as we navigate our bodies with an integration of breath and movement. Expect plenty of safe and thoughtful cueing from our teachers.

Once you have gained the strength to confidently move through Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) and other foundational postures, you might like to try Vinyasa Flow classes for a more dynamic experience, or Harmony (Mellow Vinyasa + Yin) for a beautifully balanced rejuvenation.

Yin, Yin with Meditation, and our popular Zen Flow classes are also suitable for anyone fresh to the yoga mat. You can see our Class Styles for more.


If you have injuries it is important to let the teacher know, so they can offer support on safe and practical variations for your body. If you sense something is not quite right in class, ease out of the pose, and let the teacher know.

We are here to nurture and strengthen our bodies, not to push ourselves towards harm!

If you have any concerns prior to booking please email us hello@estuaryyoga.com.au, we'll be glad to assist where we can.


Yoga is traditionally practiced on an empty stomach, to allow for optimal movement of energy through the body. We know modern life doesn't always work like this, so try to leave at least an hour between main meals and your practice. If you need a snack try for something easily digestible, like a small banana, juice or light smoothie. (All the more room for a nourishing meal afterwards :)

Arriving on time means 10-15 minutes before class. Not only does this give you peace of mind, it also allows you to chill out, have some tea, meet the teacher and community, and just be present.


Before classes, you're welcome to relax in our reception area. Have a chat to the teacher (or any of the friendly faces around). If you want some quiet time, grab any props you would like (ask the teacher if you're not sure) and head downstairs to settle onto your mat. 

If it's your first time ever to yoga and feeling self-conscious, remember that everyone is probably too focused on their own experience to be watching you! It's a conversation you have with your body, and it's an experience our teachers are there to support you with. Give them a wave if you feel uncertain, it's absolutely ok!

Afterwards, take the time to thank yourself for making space to be on your mat, and allow the energy to settle before you step back out into your day. Say hello to someone new. Read some nice words. Have some rejuvenating herbal tea. 

You can book your next class at reception, or take it in your own time via the MindBody app. 

We look forward to meeting and journeying with you soon!