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We look forward to welcoming you to the mat!


ABOUT THE PEOPLE - It’s a Community!

Yoga teachers and yogis are real people. We're here to help support you, as you are, so if you're feeling less 'able' than yogis who have been practicing for years - don't worry, we all started there too! 

Please feel at ease to voice any queries or concerns (no question is invalid) and we’ll do our best to help!

If you'd like to meet some Real Life Yogis, check out our interviews with yogis based in Melbourne and beyond here.


For a more active practice, we advise starting with one of our Fundamentals Flow classes.

These are structured to help you learn, as we navigate our bodies with an integration of breath and movement. Expect plenty of safe and thoughtful cueing from our teachers, as well as an interactive, conversational space for learning.

Once you have gained the strength to confidently move through Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) and other foundational postures, you might like to try Vinyasa Flow classes for a more dynamic experience, or Harmony (Vinyasa + Yin) for a beautifully balanced rejuvenation.

Yin, Yin with Meditation, and our the nurturing Zen Flow classes are also suitable for anyone fresh to the yoga mat. You can see our Class Styles for full descriptions.


If you have injuries it is important to let the teacher know, so they can offer support on safe and practical variations for your body. If you sense something is not quite right in class, ease out of the pose, and let the teacher know.

We are here to nurture and strengthen our bodies, not to push ourselves towards harm!

If you have any concerns prior to booking please email us, we'll be glad to assist where we can.


Yoga is traditionally practiced on an empty stomach, to allow for optimal movement of energy through the body. We know modern life doesn't always work like this, so try to leave at least an hour between main meals and your practice. If you need a snack try for something easily digestible, like a small banana, juice or light smoothie. (All the more room for a nourishing meal afterwards :)

Arriving on time means 10-15 minutes before class. Not only does this give you peace of mind, it also allows you to chill out, have some tea, meet the teacher and community, and just be present.


Before classes, you're welcome to relax in our reception area. Have a chat to the teacher (or any of the friendly faces around). If you want some quiet time, grab any props you would like (ask the teacher if you're not sure) and head downstairs to settle onto your mat. 

If it's your first time ever to yoga and feeling self-conscious, remember that everyone is probably too focused on their own experience to be watching you! It's a conversation you have with your body, and it's an experience our teachers are there to support you with. Give them a wave if you feel uncertain, it's absolutely ok!

Afterwards, take the time to thank yourself for making space to be on your mat, and allow the energy to settle before you step back out into your day. Say hello to someone new. Read some nice words. Have some rejuvenating herbal tea. 

You can book your next class at reception, or take it in your own time via the MindBody app. 


If there’s a query not addressed here, please email
and we’ll be happy to help.

We look forward to meeting and journeying with you soon!