is your world narrow, or broad?

Broaden your view.

When we slow down, when we meditate, even for a moment: there is a chance to move beyond the twisting spirals of habitual thought. Behind every breath is dormant energy, and the consciousness that can move this energy.

We can open ourselves to a much wider offering. 

This is space to recognize that as we take this next breath, somewhere out there exists beauty beyond our immediate sensory world. 

Somewhere, a dragonfly is hovering on transient wings. A cloud is meandering its way across vast blue. Below, a pair of young eyes might be watching in wonder at the mystery above. Somewhere far away, a lily bulb is growing - silent, still, but most definitely preparing for its moment of unraveling. 

Choose the narrow mind, 'safe' and small, or choose the bigger picture. Go with habit, or listen to the call for change. We can either move from a place of fear, of 'not enough' - or a place of generosity and abundance. 

What will you pay attention to? What will you be open to receive or offer?

Your choice.