DIY | Simple, Earth + Human-Friendly Cleaning Potion

Artwork |  Lucy (Yu) Lawes

Artwork | Lucy (Yu) Lawes

We breathe and interact with our environment constantly.

Our semi-permeable skin, the delicate folds of our lungs - they are directly connected to the outside world. Particularly if you have sensitive skin, allergies, common respiratory congestion or related symptoms - clearing out unnecessary or toxic chemicals can make a big difference.

Moving towards a more natural, synthetic-chemical-free lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated. Like anything, we take one step at a time.

Here’s an easy way to make up a cleaning potion for your home - including kitchen benches, for bathrooms and showers, or your yoga mat! It works well, smells great, affordable and quick to make!

All you need is a spray bottle (adjust the recipe if you have a smaller or bigger one than 250ml), apple cider vinegar (or plain white vinegar), essential oils of your choice (use our Enliven blend, or suggestions above), water, and perhaps a dab of dishwashing detergent (EarthChoice is an affordable, accessible brand at most supermarkets) - mix and voila!

You can also play with adding a pinch of baking soda to the blend. Make sure you shake or mix well before using.

(This is safe for most humans and animals, but there are individual sensitivities so use your fine judgment.)

Spritz, clean, and enjoy the freshness!