3 Simple Words That Will Change Your Day

Each day, we voice thousands of thoughts in our mind.

Some of these turn into speech, some of them not; if you take the time to observe, you’ll notice the vast majority of these thoughts are on repeat, over and over, day in, day out. 

There can sometimes be an overwhelming barrage of spinning ideas, stories, assumptions...thoughts can spiral us in many directions, some useful, often not, and at times, difficult to wriggle out of. 

Without necessarily realising, this can make us feel stuck or small, bound by a perception of limitation based on what feels familiar, or safe.

However subtly, every thought will affect your state of being. Every thought can shape your reality.

The many forms of yoga practice are a pathway to make space, to untangle, clarify, release. To re-member ourselves, and declutter the way towards the spacious state of simply being. Heartbeat, breath, awareness.

Our thoughts grow our words, and our words create our reality. Change your thoughts, change your story, change your perspective and thus your life.

Whether or not you have time to dedicate to yourself on the mat today, you can try this simple task: it can be in a short moment between meetings, a quiet few breaths before your meal -

Weave three integral words in your thoughts:


Even better: whisper, speak, exclaim this out loud.


Write it on your mirror. Put it on your phone wallpaper. Write it on your hand. Frame it on your desk.

It is a potent announcement of independence, and gratitude for what is here. A reaching towards peace and away from grasping; towards generosity and away from small-mindedness.

This doesn’t mean the world is suddenly all joy and light and abundance. But it does mean that we invite ourselves into a landing space of openness and compassion. A natural strength arises when we move from this place.

Best of all - it costs nothing except a moment of presence, and a coin of honest, open appreciation: what a gift to experience this living, breathing existence in the home of your body.

Take this enough-ness, and let it infuse your choices to shape a kinder environment for us all.


Gratitude to Marisa Peer, founder of the #iamenough movement, and the wisdom she offers so generously.