Yoga Nidra for Sleep | Relax with Gill Forsyth

The end of the year can be a particularly unsettling time - the excitement of social occasions, final to-do lists, holidays and the plans that unravel around them…

Rest is just as important as action. This guided meditation is a beautiful way to settle towards a deeper, more rejuvenating sleep (or nap). Allow Gill’s smooth voice to guide you through a soak in calm.

Revisit this practice daily, or as needed.

Perhaps you share the love, and send this on to someone who needs that slow, easeful sigh out 💙


Yoga Nidra, sometimes known as yogic sleep, is a practice where the body is guided into a sleep state while the mind is intentionally led through a meditative journey, unveiling the layers of self (pancha maya kosha) and unraveling towards a sense of wholeness.

This meditation technique is a powerful way to dip more intimately into the ocean of consciousness and self-awareness. It can be practiced anytime, by anyone - no experience required.