Journeying Together | A Reflection, 2 Years on

May we walk together, talk together and understand each other. Like bright beings joined in right thinking, may we share our bounty with each other.
— Final teaching, Rig Veda

Pretty much our wholehearted intention summed up right here.

Two years ago, we started a new journey, with the seeds of hope to offer the North Melbourne community (and beyond) the opportunity to Nurture, Enliven and Grow together.

Now it's wonderful to see such a flourishing network of yogis.
Between classes, whether it’s early morning to late in the evening, there is shared quiet conversation, laughter, discussions ranging from adding enough spices for homemade sourdough loaves to states of affairs around the world. And of course, there’s the sharing of the yoga practice. As teachers, it is a true privilege and pleasure to see each person moving and evolving in their own focus and learning.

This coming year, you can expect more workshops that help thread yoga into daily life - including a deeper understanding of yogic philosophy (and how it continues to be so relevant in our lives), more explorations in Ayurvedic wisdom, and ways you can integrate these teachings of yoga into your daily life.

After all, yoga is life.

Image    |       Sarah Pollok

A Prayer // a Sankalpa (Intention) to Share

May we allow the clarity, strength and flexibility that grows in our bodies to expand our minds and hearts.

May we breathe and move with ourselves, and alongside each other, with more ease and grace.

May we see challenges not as stumbling blocks, but opportunities to broaden our courage and humility.

Beyond grateful for what has come to fruition thus far, and so looking forward to what arises next with you, our extended yoga family!


{ The light of awareness in me sees and honours the light of awareness in you. }

x Lucy, Andrew, Aria
& the whole Estuary team


Don’t hesitate to share with us - we are here to serve you and your growing practice!